The Campaign


We are a two person team over here working long distance. Both Mom's trying to raise kids while running our business from home. We are Sam and Rachel. Three years into our partnership designing websites - and almost two years after Sam having her last kiddo - she finally faced the obvious. Post Partum Anxiety. In a really bad way. Mix that with someone that is straight up OCD and you have problems. 

Sam : The first thing I did was sit down to figure out what was sparking my anxiety. Lack of control. I needed a way to gain my sense of control over my daily life. So I sat down and started sketching up what would eventually become the rough draft of a planner that soothed my anxiety.



It's amazing how with so many planners out there on the market - and amazing ones at that, we couldn't find one that was exactly perfect for us. We are SUPER busy moms running a very busy and successful business from our homes. 

Planners these days seem to fall into 3 categories. Too simple, too much like a journal or too much like a scrapbook. We wanted something that was sleek, minimal and professional. A planner that we could walk into a meeting with and be taken seriously. 

We wanted something that gave us complete control over our day. Personal and professional. 

What we didn't want was something that resembled more of a goal planner or journal. It's awesome if you have time for all that - but we don't. We needed a planner that was straight to the point. It gave us control over our daily lives. 



•  Yearly Calendar & Goals
•  Monthly Overview (12 months)
•  Monthly Bill Tracker (1 for each month)
•  30 Day Habit Challenge (1 for each month)
•  Weekly Overview - organize your meal plans, shopping list and habits to plan a successful week. Our hybrid weekly layout has four pages per week and includes space for each days appointments, daily habits, and a full page for personal and professional checklists - designed to help you take control of every single day
•  Made in the USA. We worked hard choosing the right publisher are proud to support our country and the people living and working here.
•  Two-page markers. Keep track of the sections that are important to you
•  A luxurious and sophisticated cover. The appearance of our planner was very important to us. We have chosen to cover our signature books with an Arrestox B Linen cover and elegant blind deboss. Our limited edition print cover will be finished with a super matte sueded paper and blind deboss. We want you to feel confident in not only in taking control of your day, but doing so in a professional environment.
•  High quality 80lb Cougar paper. Bleed-proof and acid-free. 
•  Special lay-flat binding. No spirals getting in your way. Write easily on every page - front and back. Your book will also fit into our high luxury leather book covers.
•  Environmentally sound. Everything is produced where we know the labor and manufacturing practices are to the same high standards as our products.
•  Over 280 pages. Each page is designed to clear your mind and give you control over your schedule and your life. 
•  6” x 9” size. A perfect size for at your desk or in a meeting.



August - September : Production + Pre-Orders
As of August, our books are currently in production. We are expecting them in early September and are now taking pre-orders.
September - October : Kickstarter campaign
While we have decided to move forward and finance the publishing of our books in advance, we will be holding a Kickstarter campaign to help fund our launch and future print runs. We are just THAT confident that you will LOVE our product.  
November : Fulfillment 
Final orders of our first printing will ship in November to insure that all planners are in your hands before the new year.




We want to give a special shout out to all of our family and friends that supported us with all our late hours. Thanks to all of our vendors for working with us closely to make the highest quality product that fit our vision. Thanks to all of our colleagues that tested out our product and gave us feedback on how to improve things - or just a pat on the back! 



We have gone above and beyond to pick the best possible printer and manufacturers for all aspects of our product. We are striving for the best quality product in the most timely way possible. 

We are planning ahead and running our campaign early so that you will have your planner before the new year with ample time to start getting organized.

Problems can come up and often times do. We have chosen our printer on the sole basis of being able to work with them closely in the situation that a problem does arise. 

If a problem does arise, or you are not happy with your planner in any way, we will do everything we can to make things right. We are committed to being transparent during the entire process from start to finish. If there are any issues that arise, you will be the first to know, along with our plan of action to fix things.