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Our goal is to offer functional and stylish tools to like minded professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs that fuel their need for organized control over their busy schedules and lives. 

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It's amazing how with so many planners out there on the market - and amazing ones at that, we couldn't find one that was exactly perfect for us. We are SUPER busy moms running a very busy and successful business, Northfolk & Co. from our homes. Planners these days seem to fall into 3 categories: too simple, too much like a journal or too much like a scrapbook. We wanted something that was sleek, minimal and professional, a planner that we could walk into a meeting with and be taken seriously. We wanted something that gave us complete control over our day... personal and professional. What we didn't want was something that resembled more of a goal planner or journal. It's awesome if you have time for all that - but we don't. We needed a planner that was straight to the point. It gave us control over our daily lives.

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